One-Stop-Shop for successful eCommerce Management and seamless integration with unlimited marketplaces and channels in the eCommerce ecosystem.


Multichannel Listing

Effortlessly sell products across multiple online marketplaces with seamless integration and real-time synchronization of inventory, pricing, and orders, while mitigating the risk of overselling.


PIM / Catalog Management

Centralizes and streamlines product data, and offers real-time synchronization with channels, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information across all your sales channels.


Storefront - B2C & B2B

Reach every buyer and sell everywhere. - B2C, Simplifies the purchasing process for wholesale customers with features such as tiered pricing, bulk ordering, group segmentation, and more. - B2B


Digital Marketing

Centralized digital marketing solutions to drive traffic, conversions, and revenue growth across multiple channels, including marketplaces, search engines, social media, and more.


Demand Planning

Forecasting and demand planning: Our system enables you to forecast demand and plan your inventory accordingly, reducing overstocking and understocking issues.


Inventory Management

Centralize your inventory data in one place, making it easy for you to track stock levels, view inventory history, and monitor stock movements.

Map Monitoring & Enforcement

Automate your MAP monitoring and enforcement to safeguard your brand with consistent pricing across various sales channels and easy detection of MAP policy violations. Ensure that your products are not advertised below the set price and maintain your brand's value with ease.

Where To Buy

Brands can improve online sales by guiding customers to product availability via trusted retail partners. This helps capture more sales, increase customer satisfaction, and makes it easier for customers to find and buy the products they want

Digital Shelf Intelligence

Brands can optimize their online presence by managing product listings and pricing strategies across various marketplaces and retailer websites, leading to increased visibility, better customer experiences, and improved sales