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Easily handle your entire catalog, publish products, synchronize real-time inventory across all sales channels, fulfill orders from multiple sources, track shipments, and manage shipping rules using the End-to-End eCommerce Management Platform.

Walmart Marketplace

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Selling on Walmart Marketplace using OneChannelAdmin
Seamlessly and accurately choose which products in the catalog to publish on the Walmart Marketplace, while meeting and exceeding Walmart’s data points requirements and recommendations.
Bulk product upload Upload your products in bulk to save time and increase accuracy
Product listing optimization Optimize your product listings for Walmart's search engine so that your products are more likely to be found by potential customers.
Product listing translation Translate your product listings into multiple languages to reach your customers all around the world.
Centralized dashboard for managing your inventory across all of your sales channels including Walmart, and your own websites.
Inventory synchronization Sync your inventory across hundreds of OneChannelAdmin connected marketplaces.
Automatically fulfill orders We help you improve and define rules for user assignment, product source, Warehousing, and other factors to automate fulfillment and increase its accuracy.
Shipping Integration Seamlessly connect with diverse shipping carriers to secure optimal rates and expedited delivery. This encompasses integration with Walmart Shipping and automated uploading of tracking information to Walmart for every order.
Walmart Fulfillment Services
About Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) WFS is a Walmart fulfillment program that allows sellers to ship their products to Walmart's fulfillment centers. Walmart will then store and ship the products to customers on behalf of the seller. WFS can help sellers save time and money on shipping and fulfillment while driving higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the OneChannelAdmin and Walmart Combination.
Establish a Seamless Connection The foundation of a successful integration lies in establishing a seamless connection between Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) and OneChannelAdmin. This involves providing accurate credentials, verifying the connection status, and ensuring data exchange between the two platforms. A robust connection ensures that orders, inventory levels, and other critical information flow consistently and accurately.
Map Inventory for Accurate Fulfillment Accurate inventory management is crucial for fulfilling orders promptly and preventing stockouts or overselling. Mapping your product catalog in OneChannelAdmin with corresponding items in your Walmart Marketplace seller account is essential for this purpose. This ensures that inventory levels are synchronized across platforms, providing real-time visibility into stock availability.
Shipping Rules Transparency in shipping costs and delivery times is paramount for customer satisfaction. Define shipping rules for orders fulfilled through WFS, specifying rates, delivery zones, and handling times. This allows customers to make informed decisions during checkout and manage their expectations accordingly.
Track Orders, Shipments, and Returns Track WFS shipment status for real-time visibility. Provide customers with current order tracking details. Manage Walmart Marketplace returns efficiently, ensuring compliance with policies, maintaining customer satisfaction, and reducing fulfillment costs.
Walmart Advertising
Advertising on Walmart Marketplace with Walmart Connect Walmart Connect is a platform that helps sellers to advertise their products on Walmart Connect offers a variety of advertising options, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
Centralize Advertising Management The OneChannelAdmin Suite of eCommerce Solutions supports advertising campaign management across multiple channels, including Walmart Marketplace. This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms and scatter your valuable advertising assets across multiple systems; the same goes for advertising Analytics which OneChannelAdmin centralizes in a single comparative view.
Optimize AdSpend and ROI OneChannelAdmin offers advanced analytics tools to help you optimize your AdSpend and maximize your return on investment. Track key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and more to gain insights into campaign performance across all channels. Use these insights to refine your targeting strategies, adjust bids, and optimize your ads for better results.
Leverage Automated Campaign Management Automated campaign management capabilities can help you save time and improve your advertising performance. Automate tasks such as bidding, budget optimization, and ad scheduling to free up your time for more strategic initiatives. The platform's algorithms can analyze data and make adjustments in real time to ensure your campaigns are performing at their best.
Integrate Advertising with Fulfillment Seamlessly integrates your advertising efforts with your fulfillment processes. This integration ensures that your product inventory levels are synchronized with your advertising campaigns, preventing you from advertising out-of-stock items. It also allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in driving sales and influencing customer behavior.

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